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The None Exist™ logo explanation:
N Telescope:For astronomy, the study of the universe
O Peace Sign:For peace through reason and human solidarity
N Gender Symbols:For equality between male, female, transgender, gender neutral, intersex, asexual, straight, gay, lesbian and bisexuals
E E=MC2:For mass-energy equivalence; Energy mass and speed are interrelated. A key to understanding the universe
E Evolution:Scientific theories are based on facts. The theory of gravity is a fact. The theory of evolution is a fact
X Atom:The basic unit of matter
I Test Tube:For chemistry, every material thing in the universe is a chemical
S DNA:Carries the genetic instructions of all living organisms and some viruses
T Graduation Cap:Reason, rationality, critical thinking, free inquiry, the scientific method and well-being through education

Located in San Diego, California, USA.
We are comprised of three people deeply concerned with the future and progress of mankind. All three of us are working full-time jobs and have made this logo and site in our spare time. We are located in San Diego, California, United States of America.

We have created the NoneExist logo to help get the conversation started between people that all religions are man-made (human-made). We know the taboo of criticizing religion is completely baseless, a clever trick by religions in an effort to exempt themselves from debate or analysis.

The claim that criticizing religion and religious faith is a social taboo is not only a dangerous proposition but it's morally and intellectually unsound.

It is morally unsound because normally moral people will commit immoral actions based on their religious beliefs. For example, if you think your God is telling you to be discriminatory against someone else (or that you should hurt or kill someone else), then presto, you now believe they are acting in a moral way. Not criticizing religion and religious faith is intellectually unsound because where else in our discourse do we insist that a particular topic is not up for discussion or review?

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Which is why religious dogma and teachings are not compatible with a progressive society because to move forward, we look at what is bad in our society, discard it and replace the bad things with new and better ways.

Since religion can never be questioned, this does not allow any discussion to decide if religious dogmas and teachings apply to current society. What we have now is one religion bashing the other religions and arguing their truth claims are better than theirs.

One religion arguing against another religion is a fruitless debate, as they are trying to prove which mythology is best to believe in. Which is the best exclusive club to join.

The real discussion should be about what morals and ethics are best for all of society. That we don't have to join an exclusive club to be a whole person, we were born into the human club. We all are equal, we are all human. We are the same species. Human solidarity is the key. We can get along and make a better society because we are all part of the human club.

(Side note: The religious fail to admit that equal rights and human rights is not found in the Bible. That slavery, genocide and the repression of women's rights is not denounced as utterly immoral in their religious texts. Their religious texts did not get timeless morals and ethics right. They got it wrong. This is why the criticism or religion and religious faith is crucial to achieve a forward progressive society. The religious need to admit their ancient mythologies and corresponding texts do not have the wow factor one would expect if inspired by a god.)

We encourage people to reject the age-old taboo that one can't criticize religion and religious faith. We encourage people to recognize that all religions are simply ancient Bronze Age and Iron Age mythology and are not compatible with the Scientific Age.

People have no qualms chuckling at our ancestors believing in multiple gods such as Zeus, Poseidon or Apollo. Will future generations laugh at the people of today who believe in a single god? Of course! The good news is, we are at least moving in the right direction!

We believe that people should be encouraged to think for themselves. Which is the better proposition, that one should not think for themselves or that one should think for themselves?

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Launch date of site: November 24, 2010

”Would you rather be fooled by religion or educated by science?” —Eric Kincade/None Exist Founder

“ I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen F. Roberts

“Our religious beliefs are ultimately incompatible with civilization. It seems to me to be absolutely obvious that there is no future, in which nuclear armed fundamentalist regimes will live side by side with one another and manage to keep the missiles happily in their silos indefinitely.” —Sam Harris

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