None Exist, All religions are man-made.
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Purpose of downloading the "None Exist" logo
The purpose of downloading the logo is for you to help promote our new "None Exist" logo and it's message. We feel it's message is critical to the survival of our civilization and we hope you agree. Thank you in advance to everyone who helps to get the word out.

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1) By downing this logo you are agreeing to rules and restrictions on this page. Please scroll down to see all logo sizes. Thanks.

2) You are promoting the "None Exist" logo and it's message. By downloading the "None Exist" logo, you agree that you are only using the logo for viewing on computers, handheld devices, news stories (TV and internet), blogs and social media use, for the purpose of promote the "None Exist" logo, it's message and our web site It's optional if you want to promote our store

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120X110 JPGFor your information: The main message of the logo is that it's time to start the conversation that A) all religions are man-made (human-made) B) the claim that criticizing religion and religious faith is a social taboo, is morally and intellectually unsound C) religious dogma is not compatible with a progressive society and D) many religions will never peacefully coexist due to their own truth claims.

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Using the our "None Exist" logo to sell or to help advertise your organization is available only with a license agreement. Please contact us with any questions about using the logo to promote your own organization, we'll work with you. We want to get the message out as much as you do.

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Thanks for spreading the word.

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Reminder: Don't forget to link the "None Exist" logo back to our home page. Thanks!

”Would you rather be fooled by religion or educated by science?” —Eric Kincade/None Exist Founder

“ I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen F. Roberts

“Our religious beliefs are ultimately incompatible with civilization. It seems to me to be absolutely obvious that there is no future, in which nuclear armed fundamentalist regimes will live side by side with one another and manage to keep the missiles happily in their silos indefinitely.” —Sam Harris

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