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The None Exist™ logo's purpose is to
help get the conversation started.
Why the None Exist™ logo?
The None Exist™ logo's purpose is to help start the conversation between friends, loved ones, relatives, coworkers and even strangers, to discuss why all religions are mythology and how religion and a progressive society are ultimately incompatible. Some examples below point out how religion is ultimately incompatible with moving a civilization of billions forward.

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Modern weapons and religion don't mix.
The Scientific Age's nuclear warfare and other powerful weapons technology do not mix with someone claiming to be authorized by a god to use these weapons against other human beings and then claiming to be exempt from criticism of their actions.

Faith is a conversation stopper.
Religious leaders and their followers are very clever at claiming that criticizing their beliefs are a social taboo. We've heard this many times. “We respect religious beliefs.” “Don't bring up the topic of religion.” “Don't argue about religion, lest you offend someone.” “We can discuss anything, but I don't want to talk about my religious beliefs with you.” “I don't want to talk about it.”

As neuroscientist and author Sam Harris has pointed out, it's sad that religious moderates typically buy into this taboo as this gives cover to extremists of all faiths. This is horrifying. People who buy into this taboo are tolerant of the religious intolerant, whether they realize this or not. Furthermore, the religious typically ignore (and want everyone else to ignore) that religious violence is justified directly from the writings of religious texts.

The taboo of criticism of religious belief is clearly a conversation stopper. What do we have? Either conversation or war. When religious conversation stops, what is left?

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Many religions allow religious bullying.
The blatant intolerance and dislike (or hatred) of others due to their nonbelief, sexual orientation or gender results in psychologically harmful actions, financially harmful actions and even physical violence against others. How could the religious messages of intolerance, which translates to hate in the real world, be a divine directive?"

Religion at its core divides people.
In-group/out-group thinking is the favored treatment of a group's members and the not so favored treatment of those outside the group. You have to believe to join. If you don't believe, you can't be in the club. How wise is the proposition of having to believe in a religion to be able to join the religious club?

Christians. Muslims. Jews. Nonbelievers. This is religious in-group/out-group thinking. How moral or ethical is a religion when it's governed by in-group/out-group thinking? How could anyone agree that the inherent division (of in-group/out-group thinking), which is built into all religious institutions could be high wisdom from a divine being? To top this off, followers have typically never even thought about this moral predicament and are therefore proud of their exclusive membership in their religious clubs.

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Why isn't the Bible filled with timeless morals and ethics?
Many followers will claim their god is all powerful, all loving, all just, all perfect, all wise, omnipotent and knows the past, present and future. They also typically claim their God had the imagination and power to create the entire universe.

If this is the case, why didn't their god have the foresight to inspire the writer's of the Bible so it would be filled with timeless morals and ethics which would apply to any culture in any time period of human history and written in such a way, that nobody could ever misinterpret the Bible? Clearly, this would be child's play for a god to write such a book.

One can even ask—why didn't their god simply write and publish the Bible himself? And why don't religious texts have the wow factor one would expect from a god? When you read ancient religious texts, the content is exactly what you'd expect from an author from that time period, but not what you would expect from an all knowledgeable god.”

Secular law has surpassed Biblical law.
Where are equal rights and human rights in the Bible? Why aren't slavery, racism, genocide, rape, war, religious terrorism, terrorism, the mutilation of children, child abuse, child labor and the repression of women's rights denounced as immoral in the Bible?

The Bible is missing important points.
Why isn't there basic first aid in the Bible or basic food storage techniques? How about something concerning light speed, the atom or quantum physics? Science is fascinating, why isn't advanced science in the Bible? How about the urging of human cooperation between all people—believer or not—for the progress of civilization? Human solidarity. Were these topics covered in the Bible, it would be easier for people to believe a divine hand is guiding us.

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Some teachings of the Bible examined.
Here's an example of a poorly reasoned Biblical moral: The Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” How practical is this rule? What if someone wants to be treated differently from you?

Here's a more effective rule: “Do unto others as they want to be treated. (As long as you want to be part of this interaction and if the action does not cause you harm or the other person.)” This rule would mean you would need to get to know the person. Why isn't their something like this other rule, in the Bible?

What about “Love your neighbor”? How good is this Biblical rule? What is wise about being forced to love someone else? What if you don't like the other person? What is wise about enforce people to show compulsory love to each other? Many people can't even love themselves. Look at the divorce rate, many people can't love their spouse. What is really being said? That the idea of striving for a utopia on earth could have only been thought of by a god?

What would be a better ethic? It's usually better to be nice to other people than being a jerk. Isn't this better? How about this rule? It's usually better when people try to get along, than not to get along.

One of the most horrible teachings of the Bible is the myth of original sin. That humankind was made dirty—forever—because Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge. What is our greatest and most beautiful asset? Our curiosity, our desire to understand and our quest for knowledge. The Bible turns this around and says it's our greatest failing. An utterly immoral teaching.

On morals and human well-being.
There is a link between good morals and human well-being. Typically actions which increase human well-being are moral actions. Increasing human suffering is typically not a moral action.

There are certainly exceptions to these rules. After a surgeon operates there might be temporary human suffering while the patient is healing. Ultimately, the patient will be better off in the long run.

Typically, to gage if one is being moral or ethical, we need to see if we are increasing human well-being.

The homophobic religious claim that homosexuality is morally wrong. Let’s take a look at the example of two consensual same-sex adults in a loving relationship. Does this same-sex relationship increase the human well-being of this couple or increase their human suffering?

It’s obvious that a loving relationship between two gay people will increase their human well-being. Isn't it obvious that the bullying of gay people by the homophobic religious are immoral actions as this increases human suffering?

(For more information on the link between morals and human well-being, see Sam Harris' new book, The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values.”)

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The secret death wish of the faithful.
Many main stream religious texts offer life after death to coerce people to convert. That religious believers openly embrace this secret death wish is quite bizarre.

Many of the faithful view life as simply okay and occasionally some might admit that our life is close to but not quite to fantastic. Why? They'll argue they are going to a better place after their death. “It's a good life but there is better.”

Why is this line of thinking not good for you? It's devaluing earth, our solar system, our galaxy, the entire universe and our humanity and it's wishful thinking.

The faithful, based on their world view, can never fully appreciate the world we live in because there is a better life coming. They view our humanity as simply transitional. How could this way of thinking be good for someone or society? With this line of thinking, does it really matter if we plan for the future? Does anything really matter in this world?

Then when confronted about death, they will readily say they are not afraid to die. “If I die, no worries, be happy because I'll be going to a better place.” Again, wishful thinking. Isn't it better to view life as a huge fantastic party? Why would someone readily say they wouldn't mind leaving the party early?

The final deluded secret death wish is that many fundamentalists willingly admit that if a news report would reveal that one or more major world cities have become nuclear dust clouds, that they would see a silver lining in these events. They would claim that when extremely bad things start happening to our world this means that Jesus is about to come back. How can this type of thinking be good for anyone or for society?

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On Karma.
We thought we'd throw this one in. Karma is clearly wishful thinking. Think about karma. Why would bad things happen to a mean person? If someone is mean all the time, how many people will be nice to them? It's not karma, that person is mean. Karma does not explain why bad things happen to good people.

Karma is a logical fallacy, “post hoc ergo propter hoc”. Or since that event followed this one, that event must have been caused by this one. Or A occurred then B occurred. Therefore, A caused B. This can also be reversed. If you don't like B, then avoiding A will prevent B.

People are taking a coincidence and making it more than what it is and calling it karma. There are approximately five million children who die of starvation every year. This is tragic and horrifying. However, what did these children do to deserve this? Karma? They did nothing to deserve this because karma does not exist. Sounds like a new logo!

There are many reasons why children and adults are dying each year from starvation. We would never claim to know the complete reason why this is happening. However, there are reasons. Human reasons. One guess is that people die from starvation due to the unequal distribution of wealth, greed and misplaced priorities.

Here's another problem with karma. If you say that good and bad things happen to people due to karma, you are saying some invisible force is causing this. Some outside force. This is a truth claim. Prove it.

Claiming that an invisible force (karma) is changing the outcome of our lives, is directly devaluing our humanity. Meaning, we don't have complete control of our lives. Not true. We make it happen or don't make it happen, not some outside force—somewhere, out there. Self-delusion, not good for you.

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The None Exist™ logo is a conversation starter.
Here's an example of a question to get the conversation started. Why would anyone, in the Scientific Age, surrender to Bronze and Iron Age metaphysics and mythology and give up the one thing that separates us from the rest of the living creatures on our planet—our ability to reason.

Religious texts instruct followers to believe in, rather than think about, their faith. The very phrases “None Exist” and “All religions are man-made” are an open invitation for people to start the conversation and to think. Isn't it better to motivate people to think, rather than not to think?

Which of these questions is a conversation starter and which is a conversation stopper? Does science allow for criticism? Yes. Do the faithful allow for criticism of their beliefs? No.

As author, journalist and intellectual Christopher Hitchens points out, science says we don't know, but let's find out—or at least try to find out. In fact, science says if we don't know, we are okay with this. The very definition of education is the more I know, the more I realize I don't know. Religion claims to have found the ultimate truth.

Can you see the problem of claiming a starting point of knowing the ultimate truth? Where do you go from there? You already know. If you already know the ultimate truth then where's the excitement and motivation to learn? What's the point?

Either god made man or many gods made many men. When you start with the premise that god made man, there are many things which don't make sense about the Bible and there are too many unanswered questions. When you start with the premise that many men made many gods then it's easy to see why things in the Bible don't make sense.

Ancient primitive men wrote the Bible in the culture and science of their day trying to explain the world around them. The Bible was one of the first books of science and medicine (“miracles”) and they got it horribly wrong. All religions are man-made (human-made) and sin is a man-made concept.

Get the conversation started.
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”Would you rather be fooled by religion or educated by science?” —Eric Kincade/None Exist Founder

“ I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen F. Roberts

“Our religious beliefs are ultimately incompatible with civilization. It seems to me to be absolutely obvious that there is no future, in which nuclear armed fundamentalist regimes will live side by side with one another and manage to keep the missiles happily in their silos indefinitely.” —Sam Harris

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